When talking to a man, seeing his eyes to eyes can say a lot

They say that by looking at the eyes you can see the real emotions for a man for you. At this way you know that the person loves you or not. I believe if you want to know what a man is trying to say to you, always look at him in the eyes because it says a lot more than what he speaks. The eyes can say things that was left unspoken. it will tell you what is real more than what is fake.

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In life it’s important that we keep in mind on how to spot a man who is saying real or not specially on dating stage. their eyes has a lot of meaning. I’m a woman and been on a lot of dating my whole life that is why it’s not new to me anymore. And base on my experience, I have lots of things I discover about a man. Women sometimes fall of a man promises that they never knew that it was only a trap to get them. for me we have to know every detail of a man specially in dating. By a man gestures we can say how this person is really true to us.

For me I always keep an eye to a man’s eye whenever he says something to me. the movement of his eyes has a lot of meaning. There is a door through it that he hide and don’t want to see. A woman should be wise enough to have that key to open and know the truth.

Five of my boyfriends I ditched because i found out how good they are in speaking but not really doing it so. I’ve told myself that I should be careful enough to enter in a relationship and be wise to choose the right guy. Years of dating and searching for an As answer I finally found this eye strategy in looking to a man’s deeper intentions.

If a man like you, the way he says something toward you his eyes must cooperate. his eyes should also speak to it and glow something different. you will know he is into you when his eyes only see you. if he can eye contact with you and you can immediately feel the sincerity.

The right guy will have all his eyes on you and you should know it. you will know that the right one is for you when his eyes speaks more than he says. Women should always be wise enough in picking to a good guy. theres a lot of men out there who are only fishing and woman should never trap on that.

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