The Many Specializations of an Internal Medicine Physician

Are you a practicing internal medicine physician seeking employment in Las Vegas? If so, you are not alone. The “Life Insurance City” has many challenges to its residents, but if you enjoy the health-care community and you are a motivated individual, you will find plenty of opportunities in the region. Here are some of the areas in which doctors are most often employed:

Pediatrics: Doctors of pediatrics work with children from birth through adolescence. Their goal is to promote healthy development, prevent disease, and protect the child’s feet, legs, and lower body. A pediatric internal medicine physician can specialize in one of several specialities. They could become an orthopedic, pediatrician, physical education instructor, x-ray technician, or pediatric dentist. You can earn both licensed and non-licensed positions in a pediatrician’s office.

Internal Medicine: This is a speciality within internal medicine that involves the treatment of patients with diseases affecting the organs inside the body. Some of the diseases include gastroenteritis, gallbladder disease, acute kidney disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. An internal medicine practitioner who specializes in digestive disorders may be called on to test for parasites, bacteria, and other illnesses. They may also diagnose patients with an intestinal obstruction, leaky gut syndrome, chronic diarrhea, or irritable bowel disease (IBD).

Women’s Health: Women’s health is a growing area of specialization for internal medicine physicians. Women may have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, or other reproductive issues. Women may also require treatment for cholesterol, asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and pregnancy. A women’s health specialist is required to complete a four-year residency program and then take an exam for their specialty.

Pediatrics: Doctors who specialize in pediatrics concentrate on treating children. They focus on providing management for the disorder, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood illnesses. Pediatric medicine does not exclude children who have mental problems or learning disabilities. Some doctors work in rehabilitation and outpatient care, focusing on pediatrics. Some are involved in research studies and international health initiatives.

There are various specializations within each of these areas of medicine. While there is a requirement for an internal medicine physician to earn a masters or a doctorate degree in order to specialize in a certain area, they do not need these degrees to practice medicine professionally. A good Internal Medicine Physician can find work in many different fields related to medicine, making them valuable employees in any practice.

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