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For this month’s webinar, Kyle and Dori discuss the results of the September dossier. The SIA again debunks one of Rand’s statement on his Whiteboard Friday regarding the use of headlines on your page titles not affecting rank and how we do what we do in order to be better informed on what works and what doesn’t through our testing. The result of the test on content translated by Google translate passing the duplicate content filter was also discussed and some point on what can be further done using the result as an advantage. We also tested if underscores are better than using dash and if you should go and change your urls. Lastly, the local proximity test was discussed and what should be done to have an added boost in getting into the map. Dive in!

Test 142: Does the Use of Headlines (H Tags) for Your Page Titles Affect Rank?

Recently, in a Moz Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin stated that using specific headlines/h tags is not important. He claimed that there’s no difference in using an H1 as your page title versus an H2. If you’ve been in SIA for a minute, you know that this is false. However, we realized as we looked through our previous tests that we never looked at putting the tags toe to toe in the Page Title spot. Just to be 1000% on H1 vs H2 as the page title, we ran this test.

Video: https://youtu.be/dUzTmV6WYrU

Test 143: Will Content Translated by Google Translate Pass the Duplicate Content Filter?

We’ve heard a lot of talk about this subject in multi-language sites. If you translate content from one language to another, creating two pages with essentially the same content and the only difference being the written language, will those pages be dinged as duplicate content?

Video: https://youtu.be/AAy3oLMsTLM

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