Coping With Isolation as a singleton

being single isn’t an easy thing at all. you deal things privately and owning things. Being single in this time is hard because you have no one to comfort you specially when everything fall apart. at this time of the year we are all advised to stay home to be safe from the virus. some of us are living alone and it’s hard specially if we really are having hard time to cope up.

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You have to think clearly in order to not be depressed. Isolation can make a person really depressed if not treated well. You have to think of your daily activities in order to cope up in the isolation time.

below are some activities in order for you to remain healthy physically and mentally during this time.

1. Meditation

Early in the morning it’s very important to meditate right away to think clearly and be calm. it’s a technique to make your day a lot positive and brighter. By having meditation you will know your basic tasks right away.

2. Eating healthy foods

They say what you eat is what you become. if you eat healthy foods your mind and body will be too. You have to know that being healthy gives you a great energy to becom3 productive. Beside it will make you think clearly and positive as well. there is nothing a lot more better than having a healthy mindset and physically fit.

3. Exercise

Exercise can make our life a lot way better. when we exercise we tend to sweat the negative around our body. We feel more light and we can think clearly as well. When we feel good about our body, we feel happy and contented. Our body is also our reflection to our happiness. if we take good care of it we will have a better version of ourselves.

4. Watch interesting documentaries

Watching television is also a way of pass time. Documentaries are the best to watch when alone. Those true to life stories will give you lessons in life too. it’s really interesting to know how others live and think as well.

5. be productive

Being productive everyday is your choice. If you only want to lay on your bed the whole time you just feel tired and lonely. But if you do activities like household chores or making yourself better it can make you feel good about yourself.

when you are alone in this pandemic always remember that you should never let the loneliness eat you. You should fight the loneliness by making yourself Bette each day. In that way you can make a better life and better person. it’s up to you on how you handle this time of the year but you always have an option.

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